In 1999, Mr. Kamimura (Japan) was granted a patent for the production of black garlic. Later, black garlic fermentation technology was spread to many other countries in Asia. Japan Technology Development and Import-Export MTV Development Limited Company (Hereinafter referred to as Japanese Technology Company has received black garlic fermentation technology from Japan and deployed on a large scale at the factory in Quoc Oai – Hanoi. The Japanese Technology Company is one of the few pioneering companies to produce large-scale black garlic in Vietnam.
Japanese Technology Company is the first company on the market to commit to the high and stable quality of Kochi Black Garlic. Black garlic produced by the company has a high content of active ingredients and has competitive prices. Therefore, the Company has supplied high quality black garlic to many pharmaceutical factories in Vietnam and some other brands of black garlic that are circulating in the market. Besides, the company’s products have been exported to Korea, Taiwan, Japan, … confirming the quality and trust of the foreign market with Kochi black garlic.

The Japanese technology development company is striving that all Vietnamese people can use Kochi Black Garlic, contributing to the care and improvement of public health.


Company information:

Full name: Japan Technology Import and Export Co., Ltd.

Short name: Japanese Technology Company

Headquarter: No. 102, Nguyen Van Troi Road, Mo Lao Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi.

Factory: Thang Dau, Hoa Thach, Quoc Oai, Hanoi.


▶️ Business license No. 0107015841 issued by Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment.

▶️ Certificate of food safety No. 116/2019 / ATTP-CNĐK issued by the Department of Food Safety – Ministry of Health.

▶️ Kochi NB Black Garlic Product Certificate in compliance with food safety regulations No. 5318/2017 / ATTP-XNCB issued by the Department of Food Safety – Ministry of Health.

▶️ Certificate of Registration No. 10537834292 issued by US.FDA (US Food and Drug Administration). Certificate of quality, standards and full license of FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) and export right to the United States.