The Story of Product

The Story of Kochi Premium Black Garlic Product

With the desire to create high-quality black garlic that meets international standards and can be exported worldwide, Mr. Nguyen Van Trang – Director of Japan Import-Export and Technology Development LLC has dedicated all the human and material resources of the company to research and develop the product. The company has collaborated with several local and national garlic farmers who adhere to the VietGap standards for cultivation. After years of investment in research, the company has improved and fully mastered the fermentation technology for standardized black garlic production, from refining the raw materials to implementing specialized production processes, resulting in the creation of Kochi Premium Black Garlic product of high quality. Furthermore, for the convenience of consumers, the company has introduced the Kochi Premium Black Garlic product line, which meets quality standards and features prominent characteristics such as:

Visual attributes:

  • Intact, dry, and firm cloves.
  • Soft and elastic garlic cloves.
  • Dark black garlic cloves.
  • Rich, sweet taste without sourness, spiciness, or bitterness.
  • Pleasant aroma.

Main active ingredient content: SAC 80 – 120 mcg/g.

As a result of its standardized quality, Kochi black garlic has a shelf life of 24 months for peeled garlic. Kochi black garlic, with its standardized quality, reasonable price, and attractive packaging, is available at Vinmec International Hospital and Long Chau pharmacies. It is not only trusted and used by Vietnamese customers but also by many international customers (from South Korea, Japan, Canada, etc.). The company has participated in numerous exhibitions and trade fairs in Vietnam, leaving an impression on local and national consumers as well as the media. Kochi black garlic is currently undergoing negotiations and procedures to be present in all five continents by 2022. In the near future, the company aims for the Kochi black garlic brand to become a national trademark, representing the “Make in Vietnam” campaign and proudly serving as a Vietnamese brand.

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